Saw you leaning against that old record machine...

Call me over and tell me how
You got so far never making a single sound?

I’m not used to it, but I can learn
T h e r e ’ s   n o t h i n g   t o   i t  –
I’ve never been happier!

Never   been   happier.

No one is as lucky as us.
We’re not at the end, but we’ve already won!

No one is as lucky as us.


Anonymous said: is there a way to see all the articles you've written on theme park tourist? I can see your profile but i can't find a list or anything

This is a very old ask but I have finally combined most of my relevant theme park writing from Theme Park Tourist into one place! I will tag this TPT and try to keep it updated as more is published.

I’m leaving out ride previews and ride reviews because they’re so easily dated. But they’re on there if you feel like searching.


  • NEW! Less Is More: 6 Roller Coasters that DON’T Break Records (link)
  • 9 Forgotten Disney Parks Icons (link)
  • NEW! 8 Never-Built Themed Lands at Disney Parks (link)
  • 8 Disney Castles of Every Size and Shape (link)
  • Halloween Events Across the Globe (link)
  • The 8 Best Rides at the Tokyo Disney Resort (link)
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  • NEW! 15 of the World’s Most Incredible Animatronics (link)
  • NEW! 11 Awe-Inspiring Theme Park Icons (link)

Universal Rises: The Changing Tide in Orlando (onetwothree)
Tokyo Disney Resort Walkthrough Photo Report (onetwothreefour)
The Tomorrowland Saga

  • Part One: Back to the Future - A History of Tomorrowland (link)
  • Part Two: What’s Happening with Star Wars at Disney Parks? (link)

Behind the Ride

  • Verbolten (link)
  • Indiana Jones Adventure (link

The Wonders of the Theme Park World

  • NEW! The Seven “Natural" Wonders (link)
  • NEW! The Seven “Ancient" Wonders (link)

Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights: A History (one)
Ideal Build-Out Parks

  • NEW! Disney Hollywoodland Park (link)
8. July 2014

but I was just now exposed to the first episode of Gravity Falls.

Why didn’t you guys tell me!?

Friend tells me that I am very Dipper-like? Is it the hat?


my partner just texted me about “kesha rose” instead of “ke$ha” because he listens when i say things and it’s very romantic

8. July 2014

My dream job randomly popped up, so I just applied for it, and I really am totally qualified for it (I’m not being sarcastic) and it would require a refreshing move! I HOPE I GET IT.

Check out my original, from-scratch re-build of Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World. This aging park is really feeling the weight of its “studio” theme with boxy showbuildings and mismatched rides that set it apart from Walt Disney World’s four other highly detailed and immersive parks. 
With 4 new E-tickets and 7 new, original themed lands, the re-born Disney Hollywoodland Park gets a new lease on life.
Read my land-by-land walkthrough at Theme Park Tourist.
3. July 2014

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